Poor man amputates himself

amputate himself

How actually strong is human’s will to live?

Poor Zheng was diagnosed with serious leg thrombosis, the doctor told him that he could live 3 month at most if he don’t have a amputation surgery immediately.

Hopeless Zheng had to go home to wait his death because he had no money to pay the surgery, it cost more than 100,000 Yuan.

One day, Zheng found his leg was full of maggots, he made up his mind instantly – saved himself, at that day, he prepared a fruit knife, a hacksaw and a towel, then amputate himself, yes, there was no narcotic, no disinfectant, no doctor and even no sharp knife. After 15 minutes, Zheng did it and survived, he lost one leg and 4 teeth, even the hacksaw broke into 2 parts.

Zheng is a warrior, how many “likes” he deserve? And WTF World Second Largest Economy, look at your people!

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