Paul Walker secretly bought Iraq war veteran $9,000 engagement ring

Paul Walker

Many people know actor Paul Walker, but do not know that he has done many good deeds. He had helped a couple buy a $9,000 diamond ring 10 years ago. This is a touching incident he had done for a soldier and his wife.

In 2004, a soldier named Kyle Upham went into a jewelry store to buy an engagement ring with his new wife Kristen before he was secondly sent to Iraq, there they met and talked with Fast And The Furious star Paul Walker, Kyle told Walker he just came back from Iraq. Ultimately they left the jewelry store with nothing because the price was too expensive for them. Unexpectedly, the jewelry store manager called them to go back in a short time later and told them simply that the $9,000 ring was theirs, but didn’t tell who helped them to buy it. They suspected it from the star but never be certain until the shop employee Irene King told them the truth after Paul’ death.

The manager said that Walker required him to keep it a secret then, but Irene thought people should know the actor’s true character . What a pity it was, the couple did not have time to say ‘thank you’ for Walker’s generous deed. Check it out

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