Paris Metro suggests you ‘Do not stare at beautiful women’

Metro politeness manual 2

Staring at beautiful women is rude 

If you are visiting Paris, you should know its Metro system’s code of conduct and manners first. Paris transport authority has proclaimed a politeness manual which contains 12 commandments for taking the subway and each is illustrated with a quaint sketch.

This manual is divided into four broad categories including helpfulness, politeness, courtesy and manners. The manual reminds people to leave the door unlocked for the passengers behind, no smoking, greeting the driver, it also stipulates that Parisians must provide help for those people ‘who are wearing Bermuda shirts’ (visitors), also advises tourists not to play loud music through the headphones, not all of these, it even advises tourists to resist the temptation, don’t stare at beautiful women for long time. Besides you should not expose your armpits and don’t mistake the Metro for a lavatory.

The contents are very interesting and really give spice to this beautiful city. Check it out

Metro politeness manual 3

Armpits should be covered by arms

Metro politeness manual

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