Steady glass

Glass’ decomposition will take one million years, which means it will never be worn and can be recycled infinite times!… Read more


Money maker

Every day, there are 26 million pennies made by the Philadelphia mint!… Read more


lightning is hot

A lightning  generates temperatures are about five times higher than those of on the sun!… Read more


Quick cracks

The cracks is faster than 3,000 miles per hour when the glass broken, a camera have to shoot at a millionth of a second to photograph the event!… Read more


Noble medal

Nobel Peace Prize medal

The device on the Nobel Peace Prize medal depicts three naked men with their hands on each other’s shoulders!

 … Read more


Tiger becomes “cat”


Surabaya Zoo founded in 1912 was a famous attraction in Indonesia for tourists globally, housing over 350 kinds of animals. But from June to August in 2010, 20 animals had dead including a Sumatran Tiger and 13 Komodo Whelp Dragons.… Read more


Tea money

Solid blocks of tea still can be used as money in Siberia until the nineteenth century!… Read more


No tipping

If you have been to Iceland, you know that tipping at a restaurant is considered as an insulting behaviour!… Read more


Stupidest bank robber

It happened in 7/2/2011, it’s a cold, bad day, this guy was depressed, big house? Racing car? Swimming pool? He didn’t have any one. So he drank some wine then went to rob the bank. Was he success? I could … Read more


Old fashion

Mona Lisa

There are no eyebrows on Mona Lisa’s face, why? That Shaving eyebrows had a great vogue at Florence in Renaissance.… Read more


Million death

There are 15 million red blood cells being killed and created in your body a second.… Read more


Busy Tokyo

If your journey is not more than 50 minutes in Tokyo, you’d better ride a bike instead of driving.… Read more


Lazy post

There was no Mail Delivery Service on Saturday in Canada since February 1, 1969!… Read more