Laugh number

The average laugh times of a person is 13 times a day!

How many times have you smiled today?

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A South African antelope called blesbok, almost have the same color as grape juice!… Read more


Bad pants

“Pants” was considered as a dirty word in England in the 1880’s!

Maybe its too close to underwear or ass!… Read more




There were 300 bones when you were born, but only 206 left when you get to be an adult!

Because many of them mix together to be bigger and stronger bones when you grow up.… Read more


Edison’s fear


Thomas Edison who invented the lightbulb was scared of the dark!

That’s why he invented the lightbulb.

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Thousands earthquake


Every year, more than 50,000 earthquakes occurred around the world.

Some one said there  is five million earthquakes. Most of them can’t be felt… Read more


Nose prints

dog nose

People use nose prints to identify dogs, just as humans’ fingerprints.

Dog’s paws prints are not unique, so get a nose prints copy in case your dog is lost… Read more


Alphabet sentence


Every letter of the alphabet has been used in the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog.”… Read more



A ‘jiffy’ actually means a unit of time for one percent of a second!

So scientist may say: I will be there for thousands jiffies.… Read more


Lovely Cat Beg For Kiss

According to British《Daily Mail》reported on August 31,2013, a Russian woman uploaded a video named “Kiss me” in “YouTube”, the video showed that a lovely cat beg a kiss of its master, how cute it is!
Netizens called this cat “the … Read more