Compared with caffeine, apples have better effect on people to keep awake in the mornings!

Because apples have nature pleasant aroma to relieve stress and refresh people, the Boron minerals are able to wake up your sleepy brain quickly.… Read more


Environmentalist quirrels

environmentalist squirrel

According to one estimate, in the world millions of trees are unexpectedly planted by squirrels, because they bury nuts as store but finally forget where they are!

Squirrels are clever and this forgetful habit has benefitted the nature, a gray … Read more


Where dust from

Your dead skin become the most dust particles in your room! The premise is there isn’t any pollution industry near your house.

 … Read more


Cry in space


The astronauts can’t cry properly in space, the tears can’t flow down- they will hang on the eyes and sting a bit, because there is no gravity! As for pee, they have to use special machine.… Read more


Dolphins’ sleep


Dolphins keep one eye open while sleeping .

That’s because dolphins have special brains-they are separated into 2 rooms, which allows them to rest one eye by turns.

This ability helps dolphins to survive in the sea, they can find … Read more


How much we eat

You’ll eat more than 60,000 pounds of food which is as heavy as about 6 elephants during your lifetime!… Read more


Franklin state

Franklin state

The state of Tennessee used to be called Franklin in the United States before 1796!… Read more


So lifelike giant head

Giant rock

August 31, 2013, the tourists found a cliff which was so lifelike giant head in Lushan Mountain Scenic Area in Jiangxi Province in China. He had finely chiseled features. His sharp nose jutted out, which was just the huge rock … Read more



All Americans totally eat one 100 pounds of chocolate per second!

So half Americans will be obese in 2030!… Read more


We love pets

Every year, the pet food worthy more than $11 billion is consumed by dogs and cats!

As the economy develops, this number will be higher.… Read more


Eat yourself

If some ribbon worms can’t find anything to eat, their last food is themselves!… Read more


Live without head

A cockroach will live several weeks without its head until it starves to death!

That’s because just a few brains are in  cockroach’s head, the brains spread all over the body, most brains situated in its legs.

But they can’t … Read more


River flow back


Parts of the Mississippi River appeared the water back flow phenomenon due to the earthquake which happened on Dec. 16, 1811!… Read more