House made entirely from clay

Baked Clay house 1

This peculiarly shaped house is named Casa Terracotta, located in a village in Colombia, created by Octavio Mendoza, a 64 years old architect. It was completely finished by hand of Mendoza using clay, and then baked by sun. So it … Read more


Light Up Apparel


Let us light up the bored night! Perfect equip for the night party. Whether the El Wire Glasses, hat, tie even the bra and tail – Light Up apparel will make you bright noticed anywhere. Check it out  
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Backpack Aircraft


Hovering in the sky like a free eagle, this new carbon fiber Paramotor Moster will fly you through the beautiful Florida. Compact design, safe start system. You have to accept a professional training in Oregon to operate this aircraft. Check Read more


20 fun facts about France

1. Although France is only the size of Texas, it has seven mountain ranges and five major river systems.

Victor Hugo street

2. There is a Victor Hugo street in every town in France.

3. France is the most visited country in the … Read more


15 interesting facts about Bolivia

1. La Paz is the capital of Bolivia, it is the highest administrative capital city in the world located on 11,910 feet of attitude. Bolivia is the most isolated of the Latin American republics.

2. Soybeans are the major cash … Read more


19 interesting facts about Mexico


1. Mexican dish is one of the world-renowned cuisines. Enchiladas, tacos and burritos are all its popular dishes.

2. Mexico is the world’s largest salt producers.


3. Jaguar is North America’s largest wildcat, it can be found in Mexico’s southern … Read more


19 interesting facts about Japan


1. Japan is known as the “Land of The Rising Sun.” Because ancient Japanese thought there was no land anymore on their east.


2. Karoshi is a Japanese word, it means  “death from overwork”.

3. Japanese people’s life expectancy is … Read more


15 interesting facts about Afghanistan

Ahmad Shah DURRANI

1. Ahmad Shah DURRANI unified the Pashtun tribes and founded Afghanistan in 1747.

2. Poetry plays an important role in Afghans’ culture for centuries. On every Thursday night, people stay together to share verses from old and new poetry in … Read more


18 fun facts about Paraguay


1. The country was called “parrot “ in ancient times. An interesting fact, the name Paraguay comes from a parrot which was known by the name of Frank, it was first found and finally eaten by the earliest Jesuit settles … Read more


20 Interesting Facts about Jamaica


1. The world’s fastest man, Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt’s diet is not so healthy, he had eaten 1,000 Chicken McNuggets in Beijing in 2008.

Slave Trade

2. Most people didn’t know that Jamaica is a bigger part of slave trade than the … Read more


10 Interesting facts about Sudan


1. Sudan is lack of water supplies, which brights lot of problems such as soil erosion, periodic droughts and desertification. The wildlife is threatened because human’s excessive hunting.

2. The modern Sudan legal system is based on the English common … Read more


11 interesting softball facts


1. Like most popular sports, there wasn’t special softball ball at first, the original softball was actually a rolled-up boxing glove.

George Hancock

2. Softball was invented in 1887 by George Hancock, an journalist for the Chicago Board of Trade. Compared by … Read more


12 interesting facts about Uganda

Interesting facts about Uganda

1. There is an unofficial law in Uganda regarding cutting of trees. The law is, if you cut one tree, then you will need to plant three trees.

2. Uganda is one of the top countries … Read more


16 interesting facts about basketball


1. Basketball officially became one of Olympic sports in the 1936 Berlin Games.

 slam dunks  illegal

2. In 1967, slam dunks were considered illegal (maybe it was considered violent); nine years later it was legalized again.


3. Dr. James Naismith, Canadian-born American teacher … Read more


Dump terrorist turns himself in for reward

Mohammad Ashan

Money make people crazy and foolish, even terrorist is not an exception。

On April 2012, east Afghanistan, a Taliban commander Mohammad Ashan walked to a police checkpoint, pointed to the terrorist wanted poster then enthusiastically said as loudly as he … Read more


Terrorist killed by SMS message


terrorist use phone

When a Russian female extremist was setting a belt bomb in the safe house, she received a text message from a wireless company which immediately triggered the bomb and the terrorist was instantly blown to bits.

The suicide bomber … Read more