Missing car returned seven years later

missing cat

In Iceland, a cat named Orvar returned to his owner Birkir Fjalar Viuarsson after having been lost for 7 years. It is known that Orvar preferred to go out rather than stay at home when Birkir decided to adopt a … Read more


Beauty and beast photos

beast 1

These fascinating photos are from Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova, she took these beautiful photos using real animals, that looks dangerous, but don’t worry, there are two professional animal trainer at her side during the course of shooting, so set your … Read more


Restaurant Built on Graveyard


Only god knows what are our customers thinking of.

There is no lack of strange restaurants in many parts of the world, they are beautiful, mysterious or interesting, but this restaurant we will introduce may be a little scary, because … Read more


14 Most Creative Ice Cube Trays

How to keep cool with the coolest ice cube in the hot summer? Enjoy this list posts and find the most creative cube trays, your friend will envy you as their ice cubes are so boring.

Penguin and Polar Bear (Ice Cube Molds)

1. Penguin and Polar … Read more


Son sued mom for too much phoning

nag mom

We know some Mommies are always nagging their kids about everything, they don’t know how their kids really feel. In 2009, an Austrian son sued his mom who had phoned  him up to 49 times a day, during a 30-month … Read more


The criminal who sued himself


Robert Lee Brock, prisoned for robbery, sued himself for violating his own religious and civil rights. What Mr Brock did – drinking alcoholic beverages, illegal entering and grand larceny were all forbidden by his religion, so Mr Brock should pay … Read more


The man who sued God

The man who sued God

40-year-old Romanian Pavel Mirce was sentenced 20 years for murder in 2005, he was depressed so he decided to sue God for breach of contract. Mirce claimed that he had spent a lot of time on praying and a lot … Read more


Man sues Budweiser as there is no hot girl


Budweiser maker was accused of broadcasting fake advertising on TV in 1991, the accuser was an American man named Richard Overton, he accused that the attractive women in the advertisement didn’t appear in his real life, the tropical scenery, hot … Read more


27 interesting and crazy facts about Russia

russian beer

1. Beer was legally considered alcoholic beverage since 2011, before that time any kids could purchase beer because they are considered common food.


2. Peter the Great obviously doesn’t like beards, he imposed a tax on beards that anyone who … Read more


24 interesting facts about India

Do you know dolphins are considered non-human persons in India? Read these interesting India facts.

1. India is said to be the world’s largest democracy, it has the second most population after China.

Indian invented Arab number

2. Actually the Arabic numeral system was … Read more


11 interesting facts about girls

skinny girls think they are fat

1. Girls always think that they could look much prettier (or skinnier), so you have to keep telling them that they look so nice and cute (and skinny).

she doesn't like your ex-girlfriends

2. Girls won’t like men who aren’t over their ex-girlfriends. Ex-girlfriends is … Read more


13 interesting facts about Greece

Greece tourism

1. So many foreign tourists are attracted to Greece, so there are more international airports in Greece than most countries.


2. Greece has three seas, they are Mediterranean, Aegean and the Ionian.


3. The modern Olympic Games originated from Ancient … Read more


15 interesting facts about Chile

1. Spanish is the official language of Chile.

2. Chile received its independence from Spanish colonial rule in 1913

3. Chile has a stable public order, it is also one of the most prosperous and stable countries in South America.… Read more


14 interesting facts about Argentina

1. Argentina affirmed liberty from Spain on the 9th of July, 1816.


2. Giganotosaurus is one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs found in Argentina.

3. Argentina was the first country that uses fingerprinting as the main method of identification.


4. … Read more