The longest hiccups record is 68 years


Who is the person with the longest recorded for hiccoughs in the world? It is really a strange record, but Iowa man Charles Osborne set this record, this man started hiccupping in 1992, and stopped in 1990, his hiccups lasted … Read more


The world’s smallest comic


The world’s smallest comic, Juana Knits the Planet, made by artist  Claudia Puhlfürst. There’s not any comics in the world can take rank with it, because Juana Knits the Planet was etched on a human hair, you have to … Read more


The ‘country’ built on sunken ship

Principality of Sealand

Principality of Sealand or Sealand for short, is the world’s smallest ‘country’, its suitable habitat area is just approximately 550 square meters, in fact it’s just an old WWII anti-aircraft platform (a sunken ship)near Britain coast. British retired Army Major … Read more


Monday is the favored day for self-destruction


Suicide statistics show that Monday has the highest suicide rates. Monday is also called Blue Monday by some people, Blue Monday means people always feel particularly sad or depressed on this day, perhaps that is because Monday is the first … Read more


The park that hides below the desert

Abu Dhabi's New Park2

The United Arab Emirates is going to build an another amazing, costly and extravagant construction – a 125,000 square metre park with desert canopies. The designer Thomas Heatherwick abandoned the traditional park’s design that relies on expensive irrigation to water … Read more


3D ‘smoothfood’ help elders eat better


Roast lamb, green asparagus and potato mash

Scientists in German company Biozoon have invented a 3D printed food called ‘Smoothfood’, they are super smooth, just like jellies, designed for the elderly who struggle with swallowing solid food daily. The 3D … Read more


Suit Pajamas


If you want to keep a good looking anytime anywhere, try this How I Met Your Mother Suitjamas. Making you look and like millionaire every time you go to bed. Silk/Cotton blend for comfort& breathability. “Designed specifically to help Read more


14 interesting facts about Ethiopia

long distance runners

1. Ethiopia has more than 70% of all Africa’s mountains. Obviously the high altitude in Ethiopians creates a lot of great long distance runners.


2. Haile Gebre Selassie, the greatest distance runner who had won 4 world champion titles and … Read more


14 interesting facts about Costa Rica

rich coast

1. In Spanish, Costa Rica means “rich coast”, because when Columbus first landed Costa Rica in 1502, the explorers saw the local Indians wearing a lot of gold ornaments and thought gold could be found all over this place, so … Read more


Home Protection Mat


Maybe this is not the best anti-theft device, but it must be the cheapest/funniest anti-theft device. You don’t need to buy any expensive security system, this mat will tell the potential burglar how to get a higher income if he Read more


iPhone case and wallet combo


Sometimes a little innovation means a great product. The BookBook iPhone leather book case looks like a pocket bible which is pretty cool, wallet and iPhone case 2 in 1 means you will have one less thing in the pocket Read more


The park that stays underwater half of every year


In Australia, there is a magical underwater park called Green Lake. It is located in Tragoess, among the snowcapped mountain. Visitors can easily walk in this park in most time of the year, but when the weather becomes warm, the … Read more


Amazing Fruit Battery


This series of photographs is called “Back to Light”, created by Caleb Charland, his inspiration stems from the potato battery which is a classic scientific experiment. But Charland’s experimental subjects are not limited to potatoes, he uses different kinds of … Read more


Floating and Moving Golf Course


If you like golf you will like this golf course in Coeur D’Alene Resort in Idaho, it is one of the coolest golf courses in the world, not just because the par-3 is located in a green floating island but … Read more