How India government dispose rats problem


In 1954, uncountable rats attacked the Bombay city of India. The local government wanted to control the rat problem and prevented plague, so they began to accept rats instead of taxes, than people began to kill rats and used them … Read more


Worst driver in history

only 2 cars in ohio

In 1895, the entire state of Ohio only had 2 cars registered and the two cars crashed into each other one day, which is the first recorded traffic accident.

How terrible the drivers were, I guess they must were sending … Read more


How to download Youtube video


How to download a Youtube video easily, you can install an APP or just add “ss” to the URL between www. and Youtube..

It’s another website and it copied every long URL from Youtube.

Someone built this site because Youtube … Read more


How Nazi “cure” homosexuality

How Nazi "cure" homosexuality

Nazi’s crime is not limited to carnage. Nazi wanted to take German gay as a part of “Master Race,” so they arrested more than 100,000 German gays and forced them to be “normal.”

Some gays were forced to do hard … Read more


People revenge who unfriend them on Facebook

couple is killed for unfriending

In Illinois, a woman set fire to a house when the owner couple of the house unfriend her on Facebook.

In Tennessee, a man and his nephew killed a couple because the couple unfriend the man’s daughter on Facebook.

Besides, … Read more


Smoking Bells


This is how Japan treat the people who wants to smoke in public, it’s called smoking bells or glass bubbles. This invention satisfies smokers and protects non smokers.

Smoking is harmful for your health, there still are 1.2 billion people … Read more


Arrested for making explosive sex toy

man made explosive sex toy

In 2011, a 37 years old Minnesota man was arrested for giving a pink vibrator with the words “Merry X-mas B—-” to his ex-girlfriend, he wasn’t charge for sexual harassment but for making terroristic threats because he converted the sex … Read more


70-year-old woman looks like 40

70 women looks like 40

Every time Annette walks with her 70 years old husband, people will consider her as the man’s daughter, she has been 71 and married for 54 years but still looks like 40.

Annette lives in Florida, she never takes pills … Read more


First mankind smile

baby smiles at 5 seconds

This guy on the left creates and holds a world record: the first mankind smile; he creates this record at 5 second after he came to the world. And he has another record: the youngest world record creator,  exclusive of … Read more


No sand castle please,this is Italy

sand castle

In some cities of Italy,  you can’t do these things: build sand castles on beach; just wear bikinis on the way to beach; feed pigeons in town center; kiss in a car; climb trees; wear miniskirt; lie on benches; even … Read more


Don’t follow her 20-inch waist


Some women believe slender waist is attractive, this Romanian model has a  20-inch waist, she wears tight corsets and ties them tighter and tighter to change her body shape.

This is not healthy or attractive although it’s better than surgery, … Read more


Black parents gave birth to blonde baby

black parents white baby

In 2010, London, a black couple were shocked for giving birth to a blonde girl, the girl has golden hair, blue eyes and the report had ruled out the possibility of albinism.

Scientist explained, it was extremely unusual, maybe it … Read more


The Only Dutch Tank

The Only Dutch Tank

Most Dutch believed their country could remain neutral during World War II and their defense budget was reduced repeatedly. When Germany army attacked, Dutch army sent their only one tank to the border which had sunk in the mud unfortunately.… Read more


World’s tallest man married

tallest man married

World’s tallest man, 8ft 3in Sultan Kosen finds love with woman 2ft 7in shorter than him.

Sulan is s one of only ten people who was higher than 8ft, he has 27.5cm hands and 36.5 cm feet, he is difficult … Read more


How Japan kids study math

clever multiplication

Can you understand it? The red horizontal line and the three horizontal blue lines mean represent “13” while the vertical green line and the two vertical black lines represent “12”, in the three circles, there are 1, 5, 6 intersections … Read more


Stamped concrete

concrete stamping

Making brick on construction site, it’s beautiful when it’s done and you can dye it, this technology is called concrete stamping which can save large amounts of transport and human costs.… Read more