20 interesting facts about Australia

Lake Hillier

1. There is a pink lake in Australia, Lake Hillier. You can safely swim in it, scientists estimate the red color was due to the red halophilic bacteria in salt lake.

2. More than 70,ooo Australians agreed to get “Jedi”  … Read more


12 coolest father’s day gifts

Still don’t know what to buy for father’s day? Try these 12 coolest/weirdest gifts, your dad may like them.
beer belt

1. Beer Belt

If your dad like Rambo, buy him a bullet belt; if he doesn’t want to carry a machine … Read more


Geese fly with their human ‘mother’


In Brittany, France, a flock of geese regard a human, a French microlight pilot Christian Moullec as ‘mother’. Every time when Christian Moullec flies his microlight to the sky, the birds are all following him, flying with the microlight in Read more


22 interesting facts about tigers

tiger vs lion

1. Statistics show that tigers won most fights against lions, because they are much heavier than lions.

2. The tiger is the largest species of the cat family in nature. Siberian tigers can weigh up to 400 Kilograms.


3. A … Read more


16 interesting facts about Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson

1. Thomas Jefferson was the third President of the United States, he played a very important role in the early history of the United States, also a very interesting figure in his day.

The US Library of Congress

2. The US Library of Congress was … Read more


Floating Cinema


The Archipelago Cinema is a floating cinema located on Yao Noi Island in Thailand, it is designed by architect Ole Scheeren, launched on the Rocks Yao Noi Festival. The whole cinema is composed of the big screen and the auditorium … Read more


Tulip Rainbow

tulip fields 1

From March till August each year, a large numbers of tourists will come to Lisse which is a small town in Holland to enjoy tulip fields in bloom,to enjoy the sea of flowers. Red, yellow, blue, green and purple blooming … Read more


Netted Cocoon Hammock

Netted Cocoon Hammock

Forget the annoying mosquitoes or bugs, under the protection of The Ultimate Bug Free Sleeping Hammock you can own a quiet personal space in the backyard or wilderness. The 2100 holes per square inch only let fresh air through while  Read more


Pamukkale Hot Springs


Pamukkale is a natural wonder in Turkey, the word ‘Pamukkale’ means Cotton Castle in Turkish, it is so named because its shape is like a castle covered with the white mineral substance, looks very beautiful. Pamukkale Hot Springs is one … Read more


Man accused of planting bombs in sex toys


A 37 years old man from Waseca, Terry Allen Lester was arrested because of his revenge plan in 2011. He made a explosive device, almost incredibly, he put gun powder, buck shot and BB shot into a vibrator, and … Read more


15 interesting facts about Guatemala

Rodrigo Rosenberg

1. A Guatemalan attorney, Rodrigo Rosenberg once managed a murder to kill himself to slander the president, he wanted to unseat the government. Check it out


2. The president of Guatemalan, Otto Perez Molina said drug transportation should be legal … Read more


12 interesting facts about Morocco


1. In Moroccan culture, traditionally the liver is considered to be the symbol of love, not heart.

2. It is impolite to say no to ‘meat’ in Morocco.

3. Green tea with mint and sweetened with sugar is a popular … Read more