French bees make colored honey after visiting M&M plant

green honey

The beekeepers in northeastern France found mystery blue and green honey in honeycomb, they are confused with the pleasant surprise! But don’t rejoiced too soon, this colored honey is not up to the standard of French honey products, so … Read more


Fantastic Fungi Photos


These amazing plants look like from other planets, but they really live on the earth, this series photographic works is called Fungi–the recyclers, taken by Australian photographer Steve Axford, he spent a lot of time to travel to remote Read more


15 interesting facts about lions


1. Lion’s worst enemy was small porcupine, many curious lions have to end up with porcupine’s sharp quills in their  jaws for life.


2. In 2005,  Ethiopia, three lions saved a girl from seven abductors. Check it out 

3. Lions … Read more


18 interesting facts about Earth

Milky Way

1. The earth is the only planet which owns plate tectonics in the Milky Way.


2. In fact, you couldn’t see the Great Wall from outer space, but you can see China’s air pollution!

3. If the earth is narrowed … Read more


The most fashionable bird


Jacobin pigeons are not these ordinary birds that occasionally fly into your balcony, you will be amazed how fashionable they are at the sight of them. The feathered hood covers around their neck, which almost entirely hide their little cute … Read more


Blue strawberry with fish genes

blue strawberry

Scientists are developing a anti-freeze/blue strawberry. Compared with ordinary strawberry, blue strawberry has the capacity of cold resistance, the anti-freeze/blue gene comes from the Arctic Flounder Fish, this species of fish contains a gene which can protect them from being … Read more


Eleven interesting facts about Nigeria

1. Nigeria boasts in being the most suitable habitat for the world’s largest diversity of the most colorful creatures – the butterflies.

 nigeria corrupt

2. Based on amount squandered, of an income of $81 billion per year, Nigeria is the most corrupt … Read more


28 interesting facts about New York

1. It is a misdemeanor if you fart in New York churches.

2. New York City is one of the largest cities in the world, it was the capital of America from 1789 to 1790.


3. The NYC will present … Read more


21 interesting facts about Ireland


1. It is legal to drive after drinking in the rural roads in County Kerry, Ireland. The councilman explained that some people may get depression and suicide if they can’t go out to drink and drive home.

2. More than … Read more


In South Kores, some people pay to stay in prison


In South Korea, there is a special prison where thousands Koreans pleased to go. In fact, “Prison Inside Me” is a stress-reduction center, built by a 47 years old lawyer Kwon Yong-seok, it took him one year to complete and … Read more


Restaurant deliverys sandwich via parachute


In Melbourne, Australia, a restaurant named Jafflechutes will tell you what is real ‘pie in the sky’, the restaurant airdrops sandwiches to customers.

The sandwiches tied to small parachute land safely on customers’ hands, this novel  food delivery attracted many … Read more