The most fashionable bird


Jacobin pigeons are not these ordinary birds that occasionally fly into your balcony, you will be amazed how fashionable they are at the sight of them. The feathered hood covers around their neck, which almost entirely hide their little cute head, they probably be the most fashionable bird … Read more


Blue strawberry with fish genes

blue strawberry

Scientists are developing a anti-freeze/blue strawberry. Compared with ordinary strawberry, blue strawberry has the capacity of cold resistance, the anti-freeze/blue gene comes from the Arctic Flounder Fish, this species of fish contains a gene which can protect them from being frozen in the Arctic ice cold water, scientists extract this gene and … Read more


Millionaire sets record for marrying same woman six times

Silviu Prigoana

A 50-year-old Romania man set a new world record for marrying and divorcing a same woman as many as six times, and now, this woman left him for the seventh time.

It is known that this man, Silviu Prigoana is a millionaire who is the owner of a waste collection company … Read more


Eleven interesting facts about Nigeria

1. Nigeria boasts in being the most suitable habitat for the world’s largest diversity of the most colorful creatures – the butterflies.

 nigeria corrupt

2. Based on amount squandered, of an income of $81 billion per year, Nigeria is the most corrupt nation in the … Read more


28 interesting facts about New York

1. It is a misdemeanor if you fart in New York churches.

2. New York City is one of the largest cities in the world, it was the capital of America from 1789 to 1790.


3. The NYC will present any homeless man … Read more


21 interesting facts about Ireland


1. It is legal to drive after drinking in the rural roads in County Kerry, Ireland. The councilman explained that some people may get depression and suicide if they can’t go out to drink and drive home.

2. More than 40% … Read more


In South Kores, some people pay to stay in prison


In South Korea, there is a special prison where thousands Koreans pleased to go. In fact, “Prison Inside Me” is a stress-reduction center, built by a 47 years old lawyer Kwon Yong-seok, it took him one year to complete and cost him about $19 million. About … Read more


Restaurant deliverys sandwich via parachute


In Melbourne, Australia, a restaurant named Jafflechutes will tell you what is real ‘pie in the sky’, the restaurant airdrops sandwiches to customers.

The sandwiches tied to small parachute land safely on customers’ hands, this novel  food delivery attracted many customers after opening a few days. Generally, customers book … Read more


20 interesting facts about Australia

Lake Hillier

1. There is a pink lake in Australia, Lake Hillier. You can safely swim in it, scientists estimate the red color was due to the red halophilic bacteria in salt lake.

2. More than 70,ooo Australians agreed to get “Jedi”  recognized as an official religion.… Read more


12 coolest father’s day gifts

Still don’t know what to buy for father’s day? Try these 12 coolest/weirdest gifts, your dad may like them.
beer belt

1. Beer Belt

If your dad like Rambo, buy him a bullet belt; if he doesn’t want to carry a machine gun … Read more


Geese fly with their human ‘mother’


In Brittany, France, a flock of geese regard a human, a French microlight pilot Christian Moullec as ‘mother’. Every time when Christian Moullec flies his microlight to the sky, the birds are all following him, flying with the microlight in a perfect V-shape, the scene is really Read more


22 interesting facts about tigers

tiger vs lion

1. Statistics show that tigers won most fights against lions, because they are much heavier than lions.

2. The tiger is the largest species of the cat family in nature. Siberian tigers can weigh up to 400 Kilograms.


3. A tiger roar can … Read more