Dragon’s blood

Dragon Blood Tree

Dragon’s blood is a red resin which streams from the cut on some species of trees. It looks like there is a gush of blood from the tree’s wound. Dracaena cinnabar is one of the trees, also known as Dragon … Read more


Venice of the Netherlands

Venice of the Netherlands

Giethoorn is located in Overijssel, Netherlands, it is also known as “Venice of the Netherlands”, because there is no road in the village, the only transport form is boat. These country cottages here are built close to the river, the … Read more


World’s smallest park

World's smallest park

Mill Ends Park is located in Portland, Oregon, created by journalist Dick Fagan in 1948 and officially became a city park in 1976. It has an area of 0.29 square meters and a diameter of 60 centimeters. In 1971, it … Read more


10 real photos but look like fake

These photographs are so beautiful and too much like painting or done by Photoshop, seem nothing is real. But they are really taken with the camera in certain situation.

10. Mexico City residences

real photos but look like fake 1


9. Heavily polluted Net Lake in … Read more


Most expensive coffee comes from excrement

Most expensive coffee comes from excrement

The most expensive coffee “Kopi Luwak” became popular about 10 years ago, but in Indonesia, as early as 50-60 years ago, local peasants began to drink this coffee came from excrement who don’t have spare money to buy ordinary coffee. … Read more


Congenial people are more likely to fall in love


American researchers have found that two people who are dating will fall in love more easily if they have more similar verbal style. A researcher at the University of Texas explained that if the matching degree of two persons’ verbal … Read more


Stressful men prefer plump women

funny-skinnStressful men prefer plump womeny-man-fat-woman-photos-7

A study by British psychologists shows that men who have high level of stress are more likely to be attracted by plump women. Psychologists have given an explanation: men subconsciously think that women who have more mature bodies usually own … Read more


Upside-down house

Upside-down House 1

In Germany, there is a house which is the polar opposite of general buildings; it is standing on its head. Not only the house’s appearance is inverted, the sofa, tables, chairs and other furniture in the house are all fixed … Read more


You look 30% better in mirror

You look 30% better in mirror

According to psychology research, your face in the mirror is 30% more beautiful than your real face, because when you look in the mirror, your brain will automatically prettify yourself,  this is also one of the reasons why you are … Read more


Strawberry tastes like pineapple


Pineberry is derived from a wild strawberry in South America, it is shaped like strawberry, has milky flesh, tastes like pineapple. Pineberry has ever been declared endangered, until Dutch fruit farmers began to commercialize it since 2003. This fruit needs … Read more


World’s oldest cat

World's oldest cat

Creme Puff is the most longevity cat in the world, she was born on August 3, 1967, died in August 6, 2005 at her age of 38 years and 3 days old. She lived in Austin, Texas and holds the … Read more


Purple squirrel

purple squirrel

In a small town in Hampshire, England, 2008, people discovered a magical purple squirrel, the local people affectionately called it “Pete”. It is known that purple squirrel is very rare and scientists still didn’t know the reason, maybe it ate … Read more


Ice Age 3D pavement art

ice age 3D pavement art

German famous street painter Edgar Muller created the world’s biggest 3D pavement art outside Westfield London in 2009  (The record had been broken). This 3D pavement art covered 330 square meters, used a winter scene, the inspiration for creativity came … Read more