Prickasso’s penis-art

Prickasso's penis-art

Attention,women’s portraits are bigger

60-year-old Australian artist Tim Patch declared that he created a new genre – penis-art. He uses his penis instead of a paintbrush to create his paintings and uses a signature with Prickasso – Picasso is his … Read more


New apple won’t turn brown

Arctic apples

Arctic apples are different from traditional apples, there will be a chemical reaction called the browning reaction after traditional apples are cut up, but Arctic apples can keep their white flesh for two weeks. Now you can say goodbye to … Read more


World’s largest gingerbread village

World's largest gingerbread village

Jon Lovitch is a chef from New York, he created a 1.5 ton gingerbread village, which has been recorded in Guinness World Records for the world’s largest edible gingerbread village. Jon Lovitch spent 10 months to finish this amazing work … Read more


Crooked House

 Crooked House

It’s not Photoshopped, this Crooked House is located in Sopot, Poland. It looks like the building you saw when you are drunk or only appears in distorting mirror. It was designed by architect Szotynscy Zaleski and completed in 2004.Its distinctive … Read more


Electric blue noctilucent cloud

noctilucent clouds

Beautiful electric blue noctilucent cloud is like a big light bulb which is visible in the darkest night and is the highest cloud on earth. It is composed of tiny ice crystals created by methane in atmosphere, when sunlight hits … Read more


Mood Sweater

Mood Sweater

Mood Sweater is a special sweater which can sense and show your feelings instantly, created by designer Kristin Neidlinger. The sweater uses a Galvanic Skin Response tech, the sensor on the hand will read your excitement levels, the LED in … Read more


The stone can grow after rain

stone can grow after rain

In Costesti, Valcea, Romania, there is a strange stone called Trovant. These stones will begin to grow after the rain, just like mushrooms after rain. This phenomenon shocked the local people and also attracted many tourists.

Trovant is a type … Read more


Rare pig looks like sheep

sheep pig

Mangalitsa is a rare pig breed who grows fleece and looks as it is a sheep. The sheep-pigs are easily trained; they like fruit, odd tipple and having their tummies stroked; they won’t get sunburnt and moult in summer; the … Read more


Snoopy-shaped island

Snoopy-shaped island

A new island was created by volcanic eruption in the sea near Japan on Dec 2013, and it looks really like Snoopy. Some excited fans want to visit the island but experts says that the volcano is still highly active, … Read more


Bar customer swallows human toe

Bar customer swallows human toe

This story may be very disgusting.

The Down Town Hotel in Dawson City, Canada, has a very famous 40-year tradition – Sourtoe Challenge: they put a pickled toe in the cocktail (yes, a human toe), participants must drink it and … Read more


Student becomes murderer&necrophilia after failing in exam


In March 2013, China, Jilin University, 23-year-old senior student Lee killed two prostitutes, raped their dead bodies and then claimed that’s all because of the pressure brought by exam flunking. Lee said he can’t control the illusion of having sex … Read more


Sexist gorilla

Sexist gorilla

23-year-old Patrick is a very popular male gorilla in Dallas Zoo, everyone loves him, but in September 2013, he had to be sent to South Carolina and received treatment for sexist attitude after he attacked a female gorilla and laughed … Read more


Grown man’s love for balloons

grown man's love for balloons

62-yer-old man Julius speak frankly that he has fell in love with balloons for 50 years. He reveals how the ‘soft, beautiful, smooth, delicate’ balloons become his sexual love.  He knows the balloons are not alive, but when he hugs … Read more