Electrifying plants photos

These picture show us what happened when 80,000 volts of electricity pass through the ordinary plants. Photographer Robert Buelteman spent much time, a lot of effort and took great risks to create these amazing pictures, brings a sumptuous illusion to … Read more


Dolphins also use “drugs”

Dolphins also use "drugs"

This  BBC video shows how dolphins get high – eat toxin released by puffer fish. The dolphins are filmed that they played with the puffer fish for half an hour, unlike other prey would be torn apart quickly. After they … Read more


The Magic Mountain Lodge

The Magic Mountain Lodge

The MagicMountain Lodge is located in the Huilo-Huilo nature reserve in Chile. This lodge is built by local craftspeople with local woods and stones.  The exterior walls of the lodge are covered with the moss, the only approach to it … Read more


Pregnant seahorse dads

Pregnant seahorse dads

Seahorse is different from ordinary fish, not only in appearance, but also in the way of moving and reproduction; the male seahorse has a pouch like womb which is used to keep fetus, because female seahorse spends too much energy … Read more


Skeleton shrimp

Skeleton shrimp

“Skeleton shrimp” is a new discovered crustacean species, discovered by a research team from the University of Seville in the coasts of California.

In fact, they are not shrimp, but belong to the caprellid Amphipoda. These crustaceans are named Liropus … Read more


Earth core has enough gold to cover its surface

most gold in the earth core

Scientists have found that the gold stored in the core is very rich, there are 1.6 quadrillion tons of gold which is enough to cast a half meter thick gold shell covering on the Earth’s surface. They may be brought … Read more


Amazing kinetic toothpicks sculpture

Rolling through the Bay

This unbelievable sculpture of San Francisco is created by American artist Scott Weaver, named Rolling Through the Bay. Scott Weaver spent 35 years and used 100,000 toothpicks to complete all the work. It is a kinetic sculpture, a table tennis … Read more


Home hit by vehicle for the 11th time in 30 years

Home hit by vehicle for the 11th time in 30 years

On December 29 2013, Indianapolis, the McCalls were watching the Colts game when a car crashed into their dining room. It is known this was the 11th time that vehicles hit the house in the past 30 years. Fortunately, no … Read more


Curious fox tries hand at camera

Curious fox tries hand at camera

Toronto photographer Megan encountered two curious foxes while taking photographs in Algonquin Park, Canada. Megan slowly walked away and left her camera where it was, so that foxes could have an opportunity to explore her equipment. A curious and brave … Read more


Invisible skyscraper

invisible skyscraper

The South Korean government has just approved the project called “invisible” skyscraper. It will be the first “invisible” skyscraper in the world. This incredible skyscraper was designed by American construction company GDS Architects, it will be located near Incheon International … Read more


Dying Christmas Tree-Shaped Waterfall

Christmas Tree-Shaped Waterfall

Christmas tree-shaped waterfall is located in Chaiapas, Mexico. The green rocks growing on the hillside are just like a Christmas tree’s branches, scientists said that this Christmas tree-shaped waterfall is formed in about 1000 AD. Unfortunately, the waterfall is being … Read more


Sailing stones move themselves and leave tracks

Stones move themselves

“Sailing Stones” is a mysterious phenomenon in Death Valley National Park. Hundreds of mysterious stones lying on a dried-up lake bed move themselves and left tracks without  human intervention. Some stones weigh up to 700 pounds and some tracks extend … Read more


Man arrested for stealing and drinking petrol

Man arrested for stealing and drinking petrol

45-year-old British man Brian Taylor is banned from all British gas station. Taylor repeatedly stole into gas stations to steal gasoline since 2005, but he didn’t do it for fuel filling or selling, but for drinking as a beverage. His … Read more


Gold pills give you glittery glittery poop

shit gold pills

These gold pills are 2cm long capsules filled with 24-karat gold, each capsule sells for $425, if you take these pills, your poop will glitter with gold flakes. Ken Courtney and Tobi Wong created it and made a ironic statement … Read more