Man accused his cat for downloading child pornography

man accused his cat for downloading child pornography

In 2009, Florida, when Keith Griffin was charged for downloading more than 1000 child pornography, he accused his cat and blamed the cat downloaded all illicit images behind his back, the cat was used to sitting on Griffin’s computer keyboard … Read more


Walkable roller coaster

Walkable roller coaster

Maybe roller coaster is too fast for you, but here is one for you. The walkable roller coaster named Tiger&Turtle Magic Mountain is located in Duisburg, Germany. The whole winding walkway is 220 meters long, a lot of LED lights … Read more


Sprite Shower

Sprite Shower

I could not believe my eyes, it is a Sprite Shower, nothing is cooler than it in the hot beach at summer. The giant Sprite machines are installed on popular beaches in Brazil and Israel. It is really more refreshing … Read more


Balloons Rain

Artist William Forsythe created the amazing balloons rain in a warehouse in London and Austrian Houses of Parliament. Thousands of white balloons are hanging in the air, fixed by invisible ropes. The visitors will feel like they are in the … Read more


Boeing 747 Hostel

Boeing 747 Hostel 1
A 1976 Boeing 747-200 has been converted into a unique hostel. It is located in Stockholm, Sweden, near Arlanda airport. Its owner is a Swedish business man named Oscar Divs. This Boeing 747 Jumbo Hostel has a bar, a café … Read more


Balloon Dresses

balloon dresses

For most of us, the balloons are only toys or festival decorations, but for Japanese artist Rie Hosokai, balloon is one of the haute couture materials, he can build elaborate, fashionable and elegant dresses.

The artist also suggests don’t inflate … Read more


The Ghosts of World War II

The Ghosts of World War II 6

Russian photographer Sergey Larenkov uses his Photoshop skills to creak these interesting images merging the past and present. He merges two photos from different ages taken in same important location, shows us the scenes during the World War II. Historical … Read more


Light Sculptures

Light Sculptures

Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki created these twinkling light sculptures, he uses thousands of beautiful bright LED lights to complete his creation, those small lights which are hanging by filaments form these amazing sculptures. The last sculpture is called hope and Read more


Gummy Bear Candelier

Gummy Bear Chandelier

Artist Kevin Champeny created this beautiful chandelier with a 50 watt florescent bulb and 5000 gummy bears, the soft and sweet chandelier is a limited edition – only 10 was created. Many parents want to buy one for their kids, … Read more


Underwater Roller Coaster

Underwater Roller Coaster

If you are keenly interested in roller coaster, you must not miss this Vanish Roller Coaster at the Cosmo Land amusement park in Yokohama, Japan. It will drop into an underwater tunnel in the midway, which just seems to disappear. … Read more


Underwater Nightclub

Underwater Nightclub

This Underwater Nightclub in New York is designed by Thinkmodo, the aim is to promote TechnoMarine’s waterproof watches. It is converted from a military training swimming pool. Those custom made breathing helmets allow people to walk, breathe and even talk … Read more


Mirror Man

mirror man

Cool mirror man, the performer attracts lots of tourists in Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, the costume is made from hundreds of mirrors, he is born to be a “shining” star, you can’t ignore him anywhere there is sunshine, I don’t … Read more


Blood energy potion

Blood energy potion

Dare you drink this pouch of “blood”? If you are a fan of The Vampire Diaries and can’t control the desire of human blood, you will like the substitute very much. In fact, it is a fruit flavors beverage which … Read more



What is the most important news today?

A chipmunk is reading an instruction in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.
Scholarly-ChippunkRead more


3D illusion painted to slow down traffic

3D pavement drawing

Traffic Safety Foundation of Vancouver uses this 3D pavement drawing to make the drivers slow down in high-risk areas or school districts. Drivers will see the illusion that a little girl chasing a pink ball in the middle of the … Read more