The dog who can say “I love you”


Mishka is a talented Siberian Husky who can speak 12 words such as”I love you”, how sweet! “Hello”, quite polite! “I’m hungry”, remind owner! “No”, when you ask is she is stupid. Mishka has been hired for advertisement and has … Read more


White Guita Coffin

white guitar coffin

John Graham is a famous guitarist and rocker, he is born for guitar, he has many guitar, his favorite is a white Fender Stratocaster which he received at the birthday of 15. After he died in 2012, he was laid … Read more


This painting is sold for 1.1 million

this painting is sold for 1.1 million

This painting called the Blood-Red Mirror, German artist Gerhard Richter’s work, it was sold for $1.1 million. I try my best to get sense from it and finally I find: it is still a red paint in a mirror. … Read more


Coffee Printing Machine

Coffee Printing Machine

Buying a latte could be a very cool thing in Taiwan! There is a wonderful printing machine – Coffee Printing Machine, which can print your selfie on the coffee foam, the “ink” used for printing is a brown powder that … Read more


Raccoon bites off man’s penis avoiding raped


I don’t like drunkard, especially when he also is an animal sadist, Alexander Kirilov is the person I hate. On a weekend in 2009, this Russian man was drunk as usual and had nothing to do, maybe alcohol ruined his … Read more


Toledo Metro Station

Toledo Metro Station

Toledo Metro Station may be a perfect reason for traveling to Naples, Italy. It is really an unbelievable station full of art that surprises you. It is designed by Oscar Tusquets Blanca. The blue design makes you suspect that you … Read more


Why do we overthink

Over thinking

80-90% of what you are worrying about will never happen. People are always tend to think too much or pay attention to negative news, why? Researchers found that’s because a temporal lobe named amygdala in our brain, it’s a warning … Read more


This man hasn’t bathed in 60 years

This Man Hasn’t Bathed in 60 Years

Do you want to be a super villain making people scared and run away even you still have a 100 meter distance, this guy has a easy method that can teach you. Yes, most of us are lazy, but the … Read more


Volcano that spews blue lava

volcano spews BLUE lava

Maybe you will feel these amazing pictures come from sci-fi movies or beautiful cosmic nebulas from the deep universe, in fact they are real and show a spectacular moment of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia. The eerie blue flame is … Read more


World’s Largest Skateboard

Worlds Largest Skateboard
At California Skateparks, Joe Ciaglia’s team spent £12,600 and 3 months setting a cool Guinness World Records for the world’s largest skateboard. This huge skateboard is 36 feet 7 inches long, 12 times as big as normal skateboard, weighs over … Read more


Bridge suspended by helium balloons

bridge suspended by helium balloons

French artist Olivier Grossetete created the surreal floating wooden bridge supported by three helium balloons in England and gave it a french name Pont de Singe (“Monkey Bridge”). The three balloons can support 120 pounds weight which is more than … Read more


Clockwork Forest

clockwork forest

In Grizedale, England, there is a magical “Clockwork Forest” – the trees there play music. In October 2011, Forestry Commission launched the project in order to promote the interaction between human and forest, designer Andrew Shoben affixed some giant music … Read more