Cheetah lies down next to photographer

cheetah and photographer

The incredible scene was captured by German photographer Chris Du Plessis, when he was shooting wildlife in a South African animal conservation area, a cheetah came to him quietly and lay there beside him. She was very beautiful and elegant, … Read more


Parrot squealed on drunk driving suspect


In Mexico City, Mexico,49 year-old Guillermo Reyes was betrayed by his pet parrot, when he  was taking  a blood – alcohol test, policeman suddenly heard a repeated voice “he’s drunk”, the policeman thought that someone else was in the car, … Read more


Preacher makes congregation eat grass

congregation eat grass

I know green vegetable is good for health, but guys, is it necessary to eat green grass directly?

South African Christianity preacher Daniel Lesego launched an “eating grass” movement. He told his congregation that eating grass can “bring them closer … Read more


Lighting dresses

lighting dresses

These luminous gowns derived from laser are created by London photographer Atton Conrad. Conrad captured the trails left by the moving light through long exposure and successfully created these beautiful images which looked so shiny. They must be the the … Read more


Lightning breaks finger off Rio’s Christ statue

Lightning breaks finger off Rio’s Christ statue
The picture shows the landmark of Rio de Janeiro, the Jesus statue is struck by lightning during a 3 hour lighting storm. In the storm, there are over 40,000 lightning attacking this area and one damages the right hand fingers … Read more


85-year-old burlesque queen still loves performing

Tempest Storm

American burlesque queen Tempest Storm has reached  85, but she is still performing on the stage and has a high popularity. Her professional career spanned 60 years. President John F. Kennedy, Elvis Aron Presley and Marilyn Monroe all had watched … Read more


Sweet Resignation Cake

Sweet Resignation Cake

This is a resignation letter cake. British man Chris Holmes used to be an immigration officer at Stansted Airport for 7 years. When he was 31, he wanted to spent more time on his son and his dream – running … Read more


Churchill hates this portrait

Sutherland's Portrait of Winston Churchill

This was Winston Churchill’s portrait, painted by modernist painter Graham Sutherland in 1954. But Churchill and his wife hated it, they described it as “malignant” and “filthy”, but they had to accept it and praised it “remarkable modern art” and … Read more


Hobo cops catch distracted driving offences

Hobo cops

In Canada, policemen begin to wear dowdy clothes, dress themselves up as panhandlers at the roadside. Do not be surprised, they are not playing cosplay, it is just a tactical to catch those drivers who use cell phones while driving … Read more


Maybe this is unluckiest man of Britain

Britain’s unluckiest man

54-year-old John Lyne has a special nickname – “Calamity John”, he already has suffered 16 unlucky major accidents – two lighting strikes, three traffic accidents, he almost drowned, fell of rocks in a mine and so on. Sometimes, he even … Read more


Lake on the roof of Selfridges

Rooftop Lake
Rooftop Lake is set on the roof of Selfridges which is one of the most famous department stores in London. The roof has almost 100 years history, it was bombed during WWⅡand first opened again in 2014. The water of … Read more


The man plants 3.5 million trees

The Japanese who plants 3.5 million trees

In order to keep Japan from sandstorm, this Japanese Otaki Takashi and his team Green Net spent 10 years and planted 3.5 million trees voluntarily in Horqin Desert, China. At first, the local thought he came to China for oil, … Read more


First porn actress to become vice-presidential candidate

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers became the first American adult-film actress who had ran for the Vice–President in the 2004 American presidential election and received 946 votes. Marilyn starred in over 25 pornographic films, the most famous were Behind the Green Door in … Read more


Marie Antoinette’s last words

Marie Antoinette
On Oct 16, 1793, Marie Antoinette, the famous extravagant queen in the history of France died on the guillotine in Paris.  “Pardon me sir, I meant not to do it”, she said this last words after accidentally stepped on the … Read more


Teen robbers caught for “pre-robbery selfie”

Pre-Robbery Selfie

In Sweden, two teenage girls looted a hamburger restaurant, taken away $400 and almost escaped from the police if there was not this selfie. This photo taken before the robbery exposed their appearances and the crime tool — a large … Read more