Color Changing Shower Head


Do you want to have a good mood before working hours? Try this Color Changing Shower head in the morning showers, it will lights up the bathroom and give you a psychedelic happy hour. The shower head doesn’t need battery … Read more


Ten interesting and weird facts about life

Ostrich brain

1. Anatomic studies show that ostrich’s brain is extremely small. An ostrich’s brain is even smaller than its eye, maybe this explains why they hide heads in the sand when they meet dangers.

2. Mosquitoes are very sensitive to the … Read more


Dying dad walks 11-year-old daughter down the aisle

dying dad and daughter on wedding

In California, 62-year-old dying Jim Zetz held a special wedding for his 11-year-old daughter Josie at their backyard in March 2014. When he walked Josie down the aisle everyone around was deeply affected by this moving scene.

Jim Zetz is … Read more


Skydiver narrowly missed with meteor Video


Norwegian skydiver Anders Helstrup accidentally captured a falling meteorite when he just opened the parachute in the sky, the camera on the helmet recorded everything. It was the first time human recorded matt flying meteorite in video, this probability even … Read more


Biologist tries to slow down prisoner’s mind


Philosopher Rebecca is researching a future biotechnology drug to slow down prisoner’s mind for million times, the prisoners will feel they have served 1,000 years in just eight-and-a-half hours.

Rebecca claimed this drug has two benefits: 1. We don’t need … Read more


Teenager tattoos McDonald’s receipt on his arm

McDonald’s receipt tattoo

It’s difficult to have the coolest tattoo, so 18-year-old Norway boy Stian Ytterdahl decided to own the stupidest tattoo – he got a tattoo of McDonald’s receipt on his arm.

It turned out that his friends wanted to punish him, … Read more


Dreaming Camera Café

Dreaming Camera Café

You don’t need to shoot the beautiful scenery with cameras, you can enjoy it in the “cameras”.

Dreaming Camera Café is a two-story coffee shop, located in South Korea. Its appearance is a huge antique camera, very attractive and designed … Read more


Love Cloud help you join the ‘Mile High Club’

love cloud

A Las Vegas airline Love Cloud launched a romantic service – help you join the ‘Mile High Club’. A Cessna 421 Golden Eagle will take you over the most famous landmarks of the valley while you can enjoy your sex … Read more


Geometric Cauliflower

 geometric  cauliflower

Pagoda cauliflower is an edible vegetable, also known as Romanesco broccoli, it was first recorded at Italy in the 16th century. You can’t miss pagoda cauliflower if you are a philomath because it was created by talent “geometers”, its inflorescence … Read more


Twenty-three interesting facts about Canada


1. Canada declared that Santa Claus is one of the Canadian citizens. He even has an address in Canada that you can send him a Christmas card.

2. Tap water is better than bottled water in Canada, tap water is … Read more


New Translucent Snail Discovered

Zospeum tholussum

About September 2013, a new species of snail had been discovered in Croatia, it is named Zospeum tholussum, found about 3,000 feet underground in the Lukina Jama–Trojama cave system which is Croatia’s deepest cave. The new snail has no sight, … Read more


14 interesting koala facts you have to know


1 “Koala bear” is not a bear, in fact, koala even is not a mammal but a marsupial, its closest relative is kangaroos.


2 Koala’s pregnancy is only 35 days. A newborn baby koala is furless, blind, shaped like a … Read more


Twelve interesting chocolate facts

Chocolate is one of the most popular snacks in the world, all Americans can eat 100 pounds chocolate per second, did you know these amusing chocolate facts?


1.“Chocolate” is derived from “Xocolatl”, which is an Aztec word meaning “bitter water”, … Read more


Man lost in his own backyard

Man lost in his own backyard

In 2014, the Northern Territory, Australia, a man named Jason (fake name) got lost in his own backyard for two hours where is just 300m away form his home. He got out of the trouble with the help of police … Read more