Eighteen interesting and weird facts about space

The Universe is probably about 15 billion years

Amazing space, mystical and dramatic, here is 18 interesting facts about space.

1. The age of the universe means the time from the Big Bang to this day, according to current theories and observations, the universe is nearly 13.7 billion-year-old. … Read more


Man Made Galaxy

star master

Bad news, as the air pollution and light pollution, we can only see less than half stars in the sky above than 100 years ago, that means we can’t find such a romantic dating environment as our ancestor, our kids … Read more


Viewable Root Garden

root viewer garden

Nowadays kids living in cities don’t have too much chance to plant vegetables, while this viewable root garden will give kids the pleasure of watching vegetables grow up day by day. Curious kids will learn the lively and funny science … Read more


Blue Ice Caves in Iceland


The Vatnajokull ice caves in Iceland are really beautiful sights which shouldn’t be missed. Ice cave is also called crystal caves or crystal ice caves. Winter is the best time to explore the ice caves, you know, the warmer air … Read more


USB LED Fan Clock


This is a USB fan and a cool Clock. When you plug the little device into the USB slot, the fun runs and the time displays on the spinning LED. This is a geek clock, you will not forget to … Read more


Balloon Trips to the Edge of space


My grandpa said “If you want to see more views, you should stand higher.” That’s why people are dreaming climbing the mount Everest. But now you have another choice , stand on the edge of space then enjoy our beautiful, … Read more


Fourteen interesting facts about Germany


Germany is Europe’s largest economy, it’s famous for beer, car and manufacturing industries, here is 14 interesting facts about Germany

1. According to 2012 estimate, the population of Germany is about 82,020,578. Besides Russia, it is the most populous country … Read more


Star Wars Sun Reflector

Star Wars Sun Reflector

You just need this windshield shade to turn your car to the coolest airsh, it’s foldable, good quality and can protect your Millennium Falcon from merciless UV rays.

Drive carefully on the road because it will catch everyone’s eyes obviously. … Read more


Man faked his death to escape phone bills

phone bills

In 2007, a man named Corey Taylor from Chicago faked his death, more surprising was that he did it only for getting out of paying his $175 phone bill. He was fed up with the terrible wireless service so he … Read more


Boyfriend Pillow

Boyfriend Pillow

This snuggle pillow is created for the girls who wants a “perfect” boyfriend: Wide shoulder, nice shirt and smell, patient, gentle and never blah, you can lie and cry on it at anytime.

OK maybe it’s not a 100% perfect … Read more


Nine-month-old baby was charged with murder

 Mohammad Musa

What can a 9-month-old baby do? Learning to walk, learning how to speak by imitation. But in April 2014, Pakistan, 9-month-old baby Mohammad Musa just has appeared in court charged with attempted murder, could you imagine that?

According to their … Read more


Toilet Coffee Mug

Toilet Mug

A genius designer created the ceramic, toilet bowl shaped coffee mug when he was constipated in the toilet. The mug is big enough to hold 12-ounces coffee, you also can mix the best color beverage you like, you can enjoy … Read more


Wearable Sleeping Bags

Selk'bag 4G

Do you have a merciful boss who doesn’t mind you nappping on the desk? Do you want to take a nap anywhere anytime? Are you always freezing and want to stay in bed all the day? Do you want to … Read more


32 interesting and weird facts about human body

children grow

Like the universe, there are still many unsolved mysteries in human body, let’s enjoy the ten interesting and weird facts about human body.

1. According to research, in the four seasons of a year, children grow fastest in the spring … Read more