One man handedly fights off 40 bandits to save girl


September, 2010, retired Gorkha soldier Shrestha was on his way home in a train in India, 40 armed bandits who had posed as passengers began to rob people on the train when the train stopped at an unfrequented jungle in the midnight. They began to beat passengers and rob their jewelry, cash and laptops. Shrestha was ready to hand over his valuables because they were gang group armed with knife, pistols and swords, but he changed his mind when the robbers tried to rape an 18 years old girl in front of her parents. Girl’s appeal gave him endless courage, he pulled out a curved Gorkha knife and threw himself to the bandits, he was agile, valorous like a unstoppable Mars, the narrow aisle gave the trained soldier natural defense, although some bandits had pistols, but some of them were fake and some bandits were scared into paralysis of terror. After 10 minutes fight, the robbers gave up their loot and escaped, Shrestha killed 3 bandits and injured 8, his left hand was seriously damaged. After the robbery, Shrestha became a hero of India.

Gurkhas people live in the Nepal mountains, they were classified warrior races since centuries ago, now their fighting talent make them be the most popular security operatives in the world.

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