Nine Weirdest Facts about International Courier Deliveries


When most of us think of international parcel delivery by one of the leading international courier companies we expect to be getting our online shopping delivered.

However there have been occasions where carriers have instead of sending an iphone in  a parcel to Spain, they have stepped up to help worthwhile causes, making some truly weird deliveries. Here are some of my favourite:-

1, Le le and Ya Ya are two giant pandas who travelled via FedEx from China to Memphis Zoo on board a specially painted MD-11 Jet that earnt the nick name the Panda Express.

2, In 2010 after the oil spill disaster offer the coast of Florida and Mexico FedEx relocated over 25,000 sea turtle eggs to help reduce the environmental disaster.

3, Heidi the rhino was moved by a special international courier service from Bazel zoo in Switzerland to Dublin zoo in Ireland.

4, Although birds can fly, in 2009 FedEx helped move a Harpy Eagle from Panama to a new home in in the forests of Belize as part of a regional conservation project.

5, This is my personal favourite and in my opinion the most unusual of courier deliveries made. FedEx was asked to transport 7 Beluga whales and 4 dolphins in to a temporary home whilst their aquarium was renovated. Of course they stepped up and you can see an amazing video of  the move on Youtube.

6, In China a loving boyfriend decided to shock his girlfriend by sending himself sealed in a box to her office. The courier was only supposed to take 30 minutes to deliver the parcel but he ended up being in the box for over three hours. Due to the restricted oxygen in the box, when it was opened he had passed out and paramedics had to be called to revive him.

7, An x-ray check of a parcel in transit gave a shock to the operator, On further investigation the unexpected content was found to a brown bears head. Not something that the carrier actually permitted clients to send.

8. While most couriers do not accepted items that need refrigeration for carriage, this does not stop some senders despatching parcels that should be kept frozen or refrigerated. This was the case when a parcel that contained frozen fishing bait thawed, leaked and was opened. Inside it was full of live maggots which the courier did not appreciate!

9, Although unusual medical shipments are made on a routine basis, it is rare that when the courier arrives at a collection address, to find the prosthetic leg he has come to collect still attached to the owner. It turns out he needed a little extra help to bend down and remove it.

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