Nine-month-old baby was charged with murder

 Mohammad Musa

What can a 9-month-old baby do? Learning to walk, learning how to speak by imitation. But in April 2014, Pakistan, 9-month-old baby Mohammad Musa just has appeared in court charged with attempted murder, could you imagine that?

According to their defense counsel, on February 1 when the police came to a neighborhood identifying homes with stolen electricity connections, many local residents threw stones at the police, Musa and his family members were all suspects. The Inquisitor claimed it was attempted murder and charged 9-month-old Musa. When Musa was interrogated, he spoke nothing but cried and drank milk. The charge was dropped on April 12.

This story means the police didn’t verify the person details whom they are charging with. So they create the “killer baby.” Check it out

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