Never buy these weird ties if you are not cool enough

Circuit board LED tie

1. Another geek tie, 100% High Technology Circuit Board LED Tie, don’t forget to buy battery. Check it out


2. This is a cool tie made in Minecraft, 8-bit geek style fits Mario and any human, perfect gift for a Minecraft fan. Check it out

keyboard tie

3. You don’t need a business card, this tie will tell people what your job and hobby is. Check it out

eye chart Tie

4. You should spend less hours on internet if you can’t catch the Eye Chart Tie, 100% eyes-catching. Check it out

Space Invaders tie

5. Space Invaders tie, let’s shoot down them. Check it out

ice cream tie

6. Buy this Ice Cream tie and you will be popular in kids, great gift for kids, clown or ice cream car owner. Check it out

wood thumb tie

7.  This tie is made from recycled real wood, made in San Francisco. Light weight and cool in the eyes of environmentalists. Check it out

Sandwich tie

8. This tie is very special, you can butter it. It’s edible but not wearable. Check it out

hot dog tie

9. Are you sure you want to hang a hot dog on your breast? If yes, Check it out

Man's Duct Tape Tie

10. Duct tape tie, DIY product. Check it out

taxi shaped tie

11.Buy it, if you believe you are a taxi. Check it out

Crossword Tie

12. Crosswords Tie, I love this game, let’s play on the tie. Check it out

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