Most married woman married the most married man

Linda Wolfe

American woman Linda Wolfe is the most married woman in the world, now the 68-year-old grandmother already has 23 ex-husbands and 7 children with different husband, she said that she addicted to the romance of getting married. Linda married for the first time at 16, the man’s name is George Scott, 31-year-old. She married a man named Jack Gourley for three times, she said that he was her best lover.  She had married two homosexuals, two homeless men, a one-eyed prisoner, a barman, a plumbers, a musicians and so on. The longest marriage lasted for 7 years and the shortest marriage only lasted for 36 hours. But the most incredible is her last marriage, she married Glynn Wolfe who was the most married man in the world, he had been married 29 times, but one year later, he died at the age of 88. But Linda said she wanted to get married again. So let’s wait for her 24 marriage.

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