Model sues Playboy for $500,000 after golf injury

 model Elizabeth Dickson

28-year-old model Elizabeth Dickson sued Playboy for assault and put in a claim for $500,000 damages. It is known that on March 30, 2012, Dickson was invited to join the Playboy Golf Finals held in California. Dickson said she was just asked to expose a part of her buttock and hold a golf tee on the cleft of the buttock, then take a picture with Kevin Klein who is the Playboy Morning Show host. But she would never dream of that Kevin actually swiped at the ball and missed. According to the court proceeding, some of Dickson’s wounds on buttock and back are permanent, poor Dickson became the victim of Kevin’s poor golf skills.


4 thoughts on “Model sues Playboy for $500,000 after golf injury

    • Maybe if you read the article and understand it you would know why she agreed to do it. Black kettle…

  1. According to the story “poor Dickson became the victim of Kevin’s poor golf skills.” More likely she became victim of her poor thinking skills.

    • The article clearly reports she was not told he would actually take a swing and agreed because it was for a picture only. Read much?

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