Missing car returned seven years later

missing cat

In Iceland, a cat named Orvar returned to his owner Birkir Fjalar Viuarsson after having been lost for 7 years. It is known that Orvar preferred to go out rather than stay at home when Birkir decided to adopt a dog seven years ago, and one day Orvar did not return home on time, Birkir searched and searched, but he never found his cat. Unexpectedly, he received the notice from the animal shelter, they told him that they had found Orvar in February and spent two weeks to enquire Birkir’s message. Birkir was elated by the news, but he was prepared for the worst that maybe Orvar was missing legs or arms or he should be freed from the pain, fortunately, Orvar was unscathed and came towards him, jumped on his shoulder and wrapped body around his neck, it was as if they had never been separated. Now, Orvar and Birkir are together again, Birkir said that he would be forever grateful for this.

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