Millionaire sets record for marrying same woman six times

Silviu Prigoana

A 50-year-old Romania man set a new world record for marrying and divorcing a same woman as many as six times, and now, this woman left him for the seventh time.

It is known that this man, Silviu Prigoana is a millionaire who is the owner of a waste collection company and the founder of several TV stations, he lost a leg due to childhood polio. He and his ex-wife, Adriana Bahmuteanu have a very complicated relationship, Adriana left Silviu once again after repeated marriages and divorces, but seems this Romania millionaire didn’t worry about it for a bit, he even boasted that the woman who could refuse him had yet to be born. Silviu said that he didn’t know why Adriana was unhappy, she enjoyed a royal treatment when she was with him, he bought her more than 50 purses and none of them was less than 1,000 euros , a lot of women dreamed of living such a life. It seems that Silviu still doesn’t understand why his ex-wife left him, maybe he can expect his ex-wife come back once again, but we hope he won’t break his record once more again. Check it out

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