Maybe this is unluckiest man of Britain

Britain’s unluckiest man

54-year-old John Lyne has a special nickname – “Calamity John”, he already has suffered 16 unlucky major accidents – two lighting strikes, three traffic accidents, he almost drowned, fell of rocks in a mine and so on. Sometimes, he even suffered two accidents at same time, when he was a boy, once he fell off a horse and a cart  immediately approached him and ran over his body; when he was a teenager, he fell off a tree while breaking his arm, he went to the hospital and got his arm in a plaster cast, but on the way home he met a bus crash and broke the same arm again. Recently, he fell down a manhole again and had to leave his work for 32 weeks.

God, we greatly appreciate that we are not John Lyne. Related vidoe :Unlucky man was struck by lightning 2 times.

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