Man spends 10 years digging underground home by hand


A man in Costa Rica spent 10 years to build an big underground house only with picks, shovels and his hands.


This 62 years old man, Manuel Barrantes is called ‘El Hombre Topo’ or ‘The Mole Man’, now he takes the house as a residence and a museum for visitors, sometimes he teaches children geography and archeology there. This underground house is located in Perez Zeledon, San José Province in Costa Rica, known as ‘Topolandia’. It has more than 400 square meters of tunnels, the largest tunnel is 16 meters deep, which is a comfortable Traveler’s Lounge.  The indoor walls are decorated with various hand-carved turtles, dinosaurs and even TV characters, there are also other rooms with stone beds, meeting room, wells, bathrooms and bathtubs in it.


The house has nine windows which ensure there is enough fresh air, it is supplied with electricity, even has phone, the house is warm in winter and cool in summer, Barrantes is living there with his wife and daughter, he said that his house can be a good resistance to global warming , acid rain and even earthquakes. Barrantes said he would keep on digging.

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