Man shot in head, but notices five years later

Bullet In brain

What would be the first words suppose you got shot, this polish drunkard said “Let’s drink.”

In 2010, a head x-rays showed that there was a 22 -caliber bullet lodged in a Polish man’s afterbrain, more surprising was that this bullet had been there for five years and the man knew nothing about it! It is known that this man had lived in Germany for many years, according to his memories, maybe he was hit by the bullet at 2005 New Year’s party at midnight, but as for the details, he couldn’t bring it to mind, because he had been very drunk at that time, the recurrent headache prompted him to go to the hospital, he thought it was a cyst, but the result was so unexpected. Police thought the bullet might come from a reveler in the celebration.

That’s why people called alcohol “the best medicine.” Check it out

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