Man paints penises “artwork” on ex’s department

Man paints penises "artwork" on ex's department

Not every man can make friends with ex, but it’s also not worthy to make enemies with ex. 41-year-old Sean Ludwick is a managing partner at Black House Development in New York. In February 17, 2014, Sean broke into his ex-girlfriend Lana Trevisan’s home and drew a painting full of penises at her residence after he was drunk. Then carved the words ‘Studio Art’ on two wooden benches and spilled paint on the floor, that’s not all, Sean also sent lewd emails to Lana’s bosses claiming that she is a home-breaker – she always keeps relationship with married man and already destroyed four marriages. This is clearly a crazy reprisal, Sean left his two kids and wife to come with Lana but Lana was found having an affair with her current supervisor, which made Sean very angry.

Sean was arrested and charged with aggravated harassment, computer trespassing,  criminal mischief, impersonation  and  stalking later, but Sean still insisted that he was an amateur artist, these were all his artwork.

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