Man marries his cat

man marries his dying cat

A 39-year-old German man named Uwe Mitzscherlich married his cat in 2010. His cat Cecilia was suffering from asthma at that time. Mitzscherlich made this decision after the doctor told him that Cecilia had little time left, it was really a sad news, Mitzscherlich had lived with Cecilia together for 10 years and they shared one bed. But in Germany, it is illegal to marry an animal, so Mitzscherlich spent 300 euros and invited actress Christin-Maria Lohri to hold the ceremony. Maybe for some people, what Mitzscherlich did seemed ridiculous, but for Mitzscherlich, it completed the wish of his heart.

It was the happiest time when Mitzscherlich kissed on his newly betrothed, the wife said nothing, only meowed loudly to protest.

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