Man mailed himself out of the prison

Richard Lee McNair

American Richard Lee McNair was sentenced two terms of life imprisonment for murder and robbery in 1987, he found his real talent in the prison. He escaped from prison for three times.First time he put lip balm on his hands and wrenched from handcuffs, then escaped from the police station, but he was arrested after a few hours; second time he crawled out of jail through a ventilating duct which sounds like a movie, this time he got a ten months freedom; the third time was the oddest, in 2006, he got a job repairing mailbags in the federal jail, then he chosen an opportunity and put himself in the mailbag with a breathing tube, then the bag was delivered out of the jail and Richard successfully escaped to Canada, he became the America’s Most Wanted and be caught after 18 months.

Richard became the first one who escaped from federal prison since 1991. His story has been written into a book by Canadian reporter Byron Christopher. Check it out

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