Man lost in his own backyard

Man lost in his own backyard

In 2014, the Northern Territory, Australia, a man named Jason (fake name) got lost in his own backyard for two hours where is just 300m away form his home. He got out of the trouble with the help of police at last, sounds like a joke but it is real. According to Jason, he was drinking beers and watching the game with his parents at their 8 hectare house that evening – he swears he wasn’t drunk, then their pet dog began to bark outside of the house, so he went out to check the nearby shrubs to see if there were wild dogs inside, he went hurry only with nothing but shorts and dying phone.

Jason only moved to the new house for two weeks, so soon he got lost in the sick bushes. It was embarrassed but soon he realized he would die from mosquito biting if he doesn’t call for help. He called the police but they refused to trust him at first, at the second call police decided to help the ” idiot” and found him two hours later.

Jason asked us to hide his identity.

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