Man keeps alive by homemade dialysis machine

HOMEMADE dialysis machine

Chinese man Hu Songwen was unfortunately diagnosed with uremia in 1993, grievous news that he was just a student at that time. Uremia is a very dangerous disease of kidney, which means the waste products in his blood cannot be removed through his kidney, so he can only live relying on dialysis machine instead of kidney.

Unfortunately, the expensive medical costs had swallowed up all his savings after six years treatment, Hu couldn’t afford any hospital fees and was asked to wait for death in his home in a small town.

But Hu didn’t give up, he created this self-made dialysis machine with disused medical equipment to continue his life. The machine has two compartments connected by a membrane, when Hu’s blood and dialysis fluid go through the membrane, the redundant minerals will be removed by diffusion, each treatment cost is only $10(12% of the hospital charge).

Depending on the three treatments per week, Hu lived for 13 more years and was still alive. This is a sad but inspirational story, poor Chinese people can’t afford expensive medical bills. But I think his invention is significant, why not follow his footsteps, create some cheap but effective medical equipment.

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