Man fakes knife attack to impress his first date

knife attack

Arkansas man Jeffery Tyler Siegel planned to perform a hero on his first date with a girl he had a crush on. He arranged a friend to pretend a gangster to attack them with knife and he would fight off the gangster becoming a hero. It is a perfect plan, right?

A few minutes after Siegel and the girl walked to an appointed place, a masked man jumped out of the dark, waved a knife menacingly and told Siegel he could go but his girlfriend had to stay. Unexpectedly, the girl completely ignored the gangster and rushed out to call the police so the gangster had to run away immediately. When police searched the area they found there was a lot of doubtful point in this case, Siegel had to tell the truth that the knife attack was fake. Siegel and his friend would all face the charges and his girlfriend would never speak with him again.

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