Man chops off his hand with self-made guillotine to protest NHS

Mark Goddard

What would you do if the doctor refused to perform an operation for you for some reason? British man Goddard decided to do it himself to protest NHS. (National Health Service)

44-year-old Goddard cut off his left hand with self-made guillotine without any anesthesia in his garden, because he couldn’t endure the pain in his arm caused by a car accident 16 years ago. He had asked doctors to remove his left hand and warned he would do it himself, but they refused because doctors thought Goddard’s arm still had a normal function, there was no need for amputation. So Goddard decided to solve the case himself, he chopped off his left hand with his right hand, not only that, he threw it into the fire to ensure that it wouldn’t be connected. Unfortunately, the pain was still not disappeared even so because it was from brain and the spinal cord, after that Goddard asked doctor to do something or he would cut off his arm. It is known that Goddard’s pain belongs to nerve pain caused by the damaged nerve, but the doctors will try to help Goddard.

Poor guy. Check it out



Self-made guillotine

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