KFC launches fried chicken bone jewelry

necklaces made with the real bones

Do you like fried chicken? If you are a fried chicken fan, now there is a way for you to express your love. Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kentucky has begun to sell Kentucky Fried Chicken Bone Gold Necklaces from June 27, 2014.  This unusual necklace is really made of fried chicken bones. The bone is plated in 14-karat gold after complex processing, and then the shiny gold necklace is completed. There are 20 such necklaces, jewelry designer Meg C made them, these necklaces took him a month’s time, if you like this necklaces, you can purchase them online, the small necklace is sold at the price of $130 and the large is $160, but you need to panic buy them as soon as possible, because it is said that the Kentucky fried chicken-scented candles launched last year were sold out in a very short time.

necklaces made with the real bones2

First, you need to eat all the meat.

necklaces made with the real bones3

Second, you need to paint the bones with a varnish and coat them in copper, this is very time-consuming.

necklaces made with the real bones34

Last, gold electroplate each bone.

If you think it’s too small to attract other’s attention, a drumstick hanging around your neck would be far more attractive. Check it out

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