Japanese scientist creates poop burger


Recently, Japanese scientist Mitsuyuki Ikeda has developed an alternative to meat burger for real warriors – poop burger which is made of human feces.

Scientists extract protein from sewage mud first (contains poop), then add some reaction enhancer, steak sauce and soy protein, at last put it in a machine called “exploder” which produces poop meat.

Maybe this kind of meat sounds very terrible, but Ikeda said this new meat is healthier ( 3% lipids means less fat) and more environmentally friendly than real meat (less greenhouse gas emissions). And you never need to worry about the food source.

Due to the high research costs, this artificial meat is currently about 10-20 times the price of the normal meat, Ikeda hopes the price could be brought down lower, so brave people may have a try. But I think people will not be willing to experiment because it’s difficult to overcome the psychological barrier. Would you want a try? Is it the most creative solution to the Global Food Crisis?

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