Jaguar owner uses donkeys to pull vehicle after it breaks down


In Ahmedabad city, India, 38 years old businessman Rahul Thackreym has bought some donkeys to pull his new £53,000 Jaguar, since he says this is the only way to move the car, there are so many problems with the car that Rahul even can’t list them all.

The lights first went off, Rahul asked for a change, he couldn’t believe they told him they had no lights, finally they started to change the lights until Rahul scream; then the bumper fell off , they promised to repair it in 2 days but it got 10 days, and these are just the beginning. There is always a new problem cropping up after one problem is solved, Rahul has had enough, he says he has taken it to many authorised dealers and garages, but no one could help him. His family jokes that buying a donkey cart would be better, Rahul thinks that is a good idea, forage is cheaper than oil, donkeys are reliable and the dealers can know his real feelings on their cars.

Now the Indian dealership refused to comment on the report.

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