Interesting Facts About Stem Cell

It is now over 2 decades ago when most countries adopted the stem cell banking. Many of those countries though did not know how that would affect the future of their children. The fact is that it is doing good not harm. But as you will realize, not so many people know and talk about this subject, perhaps because of its nature or simply because of beliefs and customs. Whichever the case however, there are interesting facts about Stem Cell that all of us need to know.

It is interesting to know that there are few individuals in the world who have their only child from this Stem Cell Banking thing and they are comfortable. One such a woman is Mrs. Gayatri Ashok and her moving story can be read anytime via Stem Cell Banking : Straight From a Mother, let us look at a few interesting facts about Stem Cell.

1. Stem Cell’s Unique Properties

There are quite a number of unique things that separate Stem Cells with the normal cells. Those properties include the following:

While other cells are specialized, Stem Cells are not.
They have the ability of renewing themselves. They do this by diving themselves. This ability of replenishing themselves is a unique property as compared to other cells that don’t.
It is possible to differentiate into becoming specialized cells. An example is heart cell or nerve cell.

2. Stem Cell’s Potency

This is a medical terminology. Potency therefore refers to that ability to generate and reproduce other cells within the body. To that effect, Stem Cells are categorized into four different factions as follows:

Totipotent Stem Cells-this category of stem cells have the ability that allows them to differentiate to whatever cells of the human body even the placenta.
Pluripotent Stem Cells-this are as a result of the above and been in existence for some time, they have the ability to change into whatever cell of the body but not their source.
Multipotent Stem Cells- these type of stem cells o0riginate from the Pluripotent category and have the ability to differentiate into becoming a number of other cells in the body provided it is in the specific tissue type.
Unipotent Stem Cells-they too come from Multipotent Stem Cells. Unlike other categories that transpire into different cells, Unipotent Stem Cells give rise to only a cell type.

3. Stem Cell Sources

There are several sources from which Stem Cells can be sourced. Researchers and doctors are still working on the possibility of therapeutic usage. This, according to the researchers is the application of stem cells that come from all sources possible. Following their extraction and isolation, they are categorized as follows:
Embryonic stem cells- as the name suggests, they are extracted from the human embryo. They are said to have the most substantive potential. This is probably because of their ability to giving rise to almost all cells in the body.
Adult stem cells- this is one of the interesting things about stem cells that never ceases to amaze many. They are mostly found in adult tissues that include the bone marrow, blood and in the brain. Unfortunately, their potential is limited as compared to embryonic cells.
Cord blood cells: they are got from cord blood. Research indicate that they have enormous potential and responsible in treating disease.

Yes, these may not be the full list of interesting facts about stem cells, but at least you have the key facts.

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