Interesting Facts about Confucius


Confucius is the individual who is a popular part of the history of China. He is not the one behind any inventions or discoveries. He became popular all around the world due to the teachings he made. The standards set by him in that era are still considered as admiring by many people. This great scholar has inspired so many minds and has really made people understand what education really means. He has the power of empowering people with great knowledge. Here are the various facts related with him that you might not be knowing. 

Real Name and Birth 

He is popularly known as Confucius but his real name is Kung – Fu tzu. He was born in china during 551 BCE in a state named LU which is located in Northeaster part of China. His name is not so much popular and many feel that his real name is Confucius itself. This individual has gone through very difficult childhood as his father died when he was just 3 years old. His father was a military officer. Thereafter his life became so difficult and it passed in poverty and struggle. His mother made sure that he got education in spite of all the difficulties. 

Marriage and Life 

This great individual married in the early age of 19. He then took up various jobs for his living. His worked as laborer and even as book keeper. He also was once shepherd and cowherd. It was not easier for him to make a living. He supported his family that include his wife and kids by doing all these various chores. His wife is QI Guan and the name of his first kid is Kong Li. It was in the age of 23 that his mother passed away and from his 24th age he started a new profession for living which was teaching. 

His Teachings 

Teaching became a career that was something he loved so much and made him do things more than just to earn his living. Confucius wanted to make some changes in the society so that his people can lead a better life. He made his students know about the wise men who lived in China so that they could make use of these ideas for achieving reformation with the government of China which is in the state of corruption and is lawless. He also made the citizens feel that they should respect as well as honor ancestors and parents. Confucius also taught them that the people should be wise, polite, obedient, kind and honest. He even encourages leaders for becoming role models with their good behavior. He believed strongly that if leaders are good then people also follow them. This can make the whole society to get a good living standard as peace and happiness will be there all over the place. 

Life as Judge 

In the 501 BCE, when he was 50, he got the chance for becoming judge and he was entrusted the responsibility of maintaining law & order in Lu. Confucius created so many laws which were really good and could successfully eliminate crime.

Confucius Quotes

Confucius has many wise quotes, my favorite two are “It doesn’t matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.” and “Everything has beauty, but not everyone can see.


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