Interesting Facts About Death Cab for Cutie

Death cab for cutie is an American alternative rock band, which was formed officially at western Washington University in 1997. This trio consists of Ben Gibbard who provides the vocals and plays the guitar along with the piano. Nick Harmer, who plays the bass, and Jason McGerr who handles the drums. There have been two previous members of this band, Chris Walla and Nathan Good. Over the years there has been plenty of misconceptions about Death cab for cutie , and this article is designed to dispel the most notable, simply by offering indisputable facts. Well without further ado let us get right into it.

Origins of Death cab for cutie

This band was at first a solo attempt by Ben Gibbard, who had released a demo album “You can play these songs with chords” in 1997. This album was received remarkably well and led to a record deal with Barsuk Records. Gibbard shortly after decided to expand to a full band, and enlisted the aid of Chris Walla as lead guitarist, Nick Harmer as the bass guitarist and Nathan Good as the drummist. This led to the band’s debut album 1998’s “Something about airplanes” and their second studio album 2000’s “We have the facts and we’re voting yes”. Both these albums received excellent reception within the Indie community.

Where was the name Death cab for cutie derived from?

Gibbard asserts that the stage name Death cab for cutie was derived from a song with a similar title that was written by Vivian Stranshall `and Neil Innes. This song was performed by 60’s band Benzo Dog Doo-Dah. The inspiration for this song can be traced to the “Paul is dead” Beatles conspiracy that was rive in the mid 60’s. in which it was alleged that they wished to replace Paul with anyone that could win a look-a-like contest of him. According to popular legend the Beatles were offering lyrical hints about this occurence. Death cab for cutie was performed during the “Magical Mystery” tour, where it is believed that the cutie alluded to was Paul. Tragically Paul was involved in a fatal car accident in a cab the same night outside of London.

Mainstream success

This band’s 3rd studio album2001’s “The Photo Album” gave them their very first charting single “A movie script ending”. Which peaked at number 123 in the UK single’s chart. The release of their 4th studio album, 2003’s “Transatlanticism” garnered Death cab for cutie mainstream critical and commercial acclaim. This afterwards led to their signing a deal with Atlantic Records in 2004.

Their first studio album under a mainstream label was 2005’s “Plans” which rapidly went platinum. Their 7th studio album 2011’s produced their very first number 1 single “You are a tourist”, and they have never looked back. In 2014 founding lead guitarist, songwriter and producer,, Chris Walla declared that he would leave Death cab for cutie after the release of their 8th studio album “Kintsugi” that was ultimately released in March 2015. His very last performance with the band was during the Rifflandia music festival that has held in Victoria , British Columbia. Hope this article has been insightful for those diehard fans of this band. Or anyone for that matter who may been interested in about the facts behind them but had previously lacked the real information about them.

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