In South Kores, some people pay to stay in prison


In South Korea, there is a special prison where thousands Koreans pleased to go. In fact, “Prison Inside Me” is a stress-reduction center, built by a 47 years old lawyer Kwon Yong-seok, it took him one year to complete and cost him about $19 million. About profit, Kwon said he did it not for money.

It is known that Kwon’s idea about building this stress-reduction center with prison theme comes from an experience he has ever been through, he had asked a prison governor to imprison him for several weeks to release pressure, of course his request was refused, so he decided to solve this problem himself.

Before entering prison, guests need to hand over their mobile phones, books and other belongings. After wearing uniform clothing, the guests will be taken to their prison room, each room has only a toilet, a sink and table, food is sent through a slit on the door. The guests stay inside and meditate, reflect on life, there are also meditation courses, spiritual courses and ‘healing’ plays in the prison. It will take a guest $146 to stay in the prison for two nights. Many of the “prisoners” said that the experience here brought a lot of help to them. Now many Koreans come to there to release their pressure of modern life.

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