Hyper-Realistic Drawings


Look at these things, an Iron man, a bag of M&M’s, a silver pitcher, an old issue of Spiderman, a bottle of Oddka vodka, FIFA World Cup Trophy and so on. We are familiar with them in our daily life, but they are not real objects, in fact, they are drawings, created by Italian illustrator, graphic designer Marcello Barenghi. According to Marcello, he was born in 1969, but he once stopped painting when he was 23, started again in March 2013. After an interval of 20 years, Marcello created these hyper-realistic drawings which are almost the same as the real objects only with basic tools, such as pencils, pens, watercolor pen and marker, they are true enough to trick the eyes. If you are interested in Marcello’s drawings, Check it out

uomo-ragno1024 oddka (3) iron-man (1) coppa-del-mondo (1) brocca-argento (4)_副本

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