House made entirely from clay

Baked Clay house 1

This peculiarly shaped house is named Casa Terracotta, located in a village in Colombia, created by Octavio Mendoza, a 64 years old architect. It was completely finished by hand of Mendoza using clay, and then baked by sun. So it is really a huge art ceramic, this amazing 5,400 square foot house took Mendoza 14 years and much effort to finish it. He called it was his life’s masterpiece. Not even this, all the furniture in the house is all made of clay, Casa Terracotta has opened to visitors now.

You can call it world’s biggest piece of pottery, as it doesn’t contain cement or steel. 

Baked Clay house 2 Baked Clay house 3 Baked Clay house 4 Baked Clay house 5 Baked Clay house 6 Baked Clay house 7

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