Homeless cat saves failing railways


This is an encouraging story.

The station master of Kishi Station (a small Japanese town) is a cat named Tama, she knows nothing about trains but has brought in $10.4million to the railway on the ragged edge of bankruptcy.

Seven years ago, the small railway was toward bankruptcy, there were no visitors on the running trains. Things changed after the company named a stray cat new station master, the little town became a tourist destination overnight, visitors from all parts of the country came to the town in order to take picture with Tama, railways   improved their financial situation by the tickets and peripheral products, the small town is also rejuvenated.

Tama’s primary duty is to greet guests at the station with her serious eyes, the facts prove that she is quite suited for the position, a mass of tourists come into the city since Tama’s appearance.

Tama has her own office, stationmaster’s hat, a badge and also has her salary – cat food. She does her job quite well, and was appointed as the Operating Officer in 2011, this also made her to become the first cat who served as a senior executive in the railroad company. Check it out

Tama 2 Tama 3 Tama 4

tama 5

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