Guy suicides after meeting his online girlfriend without filter


A Filipino man killed himself when he first saw his “girlfriend”. It is known that this man, Roberto Gonzales had made a girlfriend on online chatting six years ago, they have very happy chat on the internet but never see each other in reality. Recently, they decided to make a first date with each other offline at a mall in Lipa, Batangas, but Roberto was disappointed that the girl’s appearance was so different from her net photos, Roberto couldn’t take the hit, finally chose to jump from the 6th floor and died instantly. According to an eyewitness, Roberto said “is this really you? How that girl could be you? You lied to me for six years!” before he died. The girl said she didn’t know her appearance was so important to him and admitted that she used Instagram filters before posting photos during the interview. Obviously, Roberto didn’t know there is a software called Photoshop.


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