Golf Ball Divers make $100,000 a year

golf ball divers

Golf Ball Divers is an alternative career in America, their job is to collect golf balls dropping into the water at golf courses, one driver can take 3000-5000 golf balls from water one day on average, each ball can bring 7-12 cents income to the drivers, so a professional Golf Ball Diver can earn about $100,000 a year which looks very considerable. But actually this job is not so comfortable as we think, there are many potential dangers, maybe there are broken glass, iron wire or other dangerous things under the water; the water is not as clear as it is in the Great Barrier Reef; the most frightening experience is meeting a crocodile in the lake; it is also a heavy manual labor and you have to be well trained. But if diving is your favorite thing and you want to practice your diving skill, you will like it.

For the Golf Ball Divers, the secret of getting success is to find a golf course where it has the most horrendous golfers.

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